Pilke Daycare centers

Pilke science-oriented daycare centre Loiste

Pilke’s science-oriented daycare centre Loiste opened on Aallontie Street in Rantakylä in August 2017. The daycare centre has 72 places for children aged 0–6 years, and it also provides pre-primary education. Pilke Loiste is a science-oriented daycare centre where the emphasis of scientific themes is implemented through comprehensive exploration of the child’s close surroundings.

Manager Amina Fahim
tel. 040 5474 332

Aallontie 1
80160 Joensuu

Pilke music-oriented daycare centre Hepokatti

Pilke’s music-oriented daycare centre Hepokatti opened in 2017. We have 72 daycare places for children aged 0–6 years, and we also provide pre-primary education. Music is part of everyday life at Hepokatti. For us, music is not just singing and playing. It also encompasses silence, motion, forms and colours.

Manager Lumi Lehto
Tel. 040 4566 293

Lehtipojantie 1,
80140 Joensuu


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