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Pilke sports-oriented daycare centre Kurkiaura

Sports-oriented daycare centre Kurkiaura started its operation in the peaceful Lepola area in August 2017. Our spacious and bright facilities encourage energetic activities, and there is plenty of space to run and bustle about. We provide high-quality child-centred early childhood and pre-primary education for children aged 0–6 years. Our objective is to help children find the joy of exercise and adopt a sporty lifestyle. The sports-orientation is implemented in the daycare centre’s everyday operation through trips, daily yard games, weekly musical movement activities and instructed exercise. We also provide the children with opportunities to try various sports, such as swimming, junior wrestling and cycling.

Manager Mari Sissala
Tel. 040 9053 689

Kurkiaurankatu 5
04420 Järvenpää

päiväkoti järvenpää

Pilke Hilma

Pilke Hilma is a small, welcoming and homelike private daycare centre. At Hilma, siblings have the opportunity to spend time playing together every day. We have 24 daycare places, and we implement small group activities that enable each child to be seen and heard.

Mari Sissala
Tel. 040 9053 689

Kinnarinkatu 1
04430 Järvenpää


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