Pilke After-School Clubs by towns

After-School Clubs

After school clubs

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Pilke After-School Clubs by towns

Pilke Daycare Centres provide after-school activities for primary education in 29 schools in Espoo, Vantaa, Pori, Lahti, Helsinki and Kirkkonummi. After-school activities have been provided since 2003.

The after-school clubs start when the school ends for the day and they continue till 17.00 (5 pm). The clubs are primarily meant for children in their first—second year of primary education and for children in special needs education. The club activities are supervised and guided.

The club day contains outdoor activities, snack time and time for homework and for different hobbies. Hobbytime can consist of arts and crafts, physical activities, drama, storytelling etc. The clubs emphasize the importance of outdoor activities and independent play.


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