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Garden City Playschool Tapiola

Kindergarten Garden City Playschool Tapiola organizes an English club every Monday from 16.30 to 17.30. It is aimed at first and second graders, who have been in English kindergarten but continuing their education in Finnish.

The aim of the club is to maintain a good level of English through a range of fun activities enhancing speaking skills. We choose a theme altogether for the next lesson. For example, the children wanted to focus on Pokemons. So we had a small discussion about Pokemon and then they had a task where they either their favourite pokemon or design a new one. They had to think of strength, weaknesses, type of Pokemon, etc. Then they presented their work to each other. We have also done reading comprehension exercises, baking, board games in English, etc.

We could offer an English introduction club at some point too if there is interest 🙂 Let us know!

Price 50 €/month

Additional information: amandine.makela@pilkepaivakodit.fi

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02100 Espoo

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